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Our services include

Topographical Surveys

Engineering Surveys

GPS Surveys

Measured Building & Elevations

Engineering Surveys

GPS Surveys

Measured Building & Elevations

As-Built Surveys

Topographical survey


A Topographical survey also known as a Land Survey is an accurate depiction of natural and manmade features on and around the earth surface.

Whether you are planning a new development or renovating an existing site a topographical survey is an essential first stage and can reduce the possibility of future costly mistakes or unforeseen issues in the design process.

K J Hall Surveyors offer a bespoke survey specific to your requirements using the latest Trimble technology to accurately and efficiently record the necessary information.

We use our expert and experience knowledge to evaluate the amount of data required to produce the required survey. Too much or too little data can result in unnecessary costs.

Measured Building-Elevations


A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a building showing structural elements and architectural features. These surveys are presented as floor plans, elevations and cross-sections.

They are specified to an agreed level of detail, acceptable accuracy tolerances, scale, delivery times and costs.

Floor plans can range from low detail to calculate gross & net internal areas to a high specification survey which may include detail such as electrical and plumbing locations.

Monitoring Services


K J Hall Surveyors can provide you with accurately measured data for various monitoring undertakings. We can record movement using precise levels, refectorless total stations and other survey instruments

Surveyor Associations


RICS is the leading source of land, property, construction and related environmental knowledge. They support 130 000 members worldwide, promote best practice, represent consumers interests and provide impartial advice to society, businesses, governments and global organisations.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors  RICS  is one of the most respected and high profile global standards and membership organisations for professionals involved in land, property, construction and environmental issues with